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Welcome to! is a tournament results publishing portal for bridge clubs. Bridge players can see the hands they've played and the scores they've got from each hand of a tournament.

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If you wish to see the results of your tournament please click the "Clubs" link and choose your club.


  • Immediate & Easy Publishing

    Immediate & Easy PublishingGames are posted to the web easily and they will be available immediately. You just save your summary file within your ACBL program and upload that file with a few clicks within your administration pages, that's all!

  • Individual Board Results

    Individual Board ResultsPlayers will be able to see their results board by board with their names written on their hands they've played. They will be able to see all the frequencies and percentages of that board, and navigate through all the boards.

  • Director's Administration Pages

    Director's Administration PagesWhen you become a member, you may use your username and password to login to your administration pages. You will be able to update your club details, the location and contact information for your club, regular and special events held, your logo, the pictures of your club, and the display preferences of your "Tournament Results Page".

  • Integration with your club's homepage.

    Integration with your club's homepage.You will have two options to use your "Tournament Results Page". If you wish to behave like a part of your homepage, you may put it in an iframe in your club's homepage. Check the F.A.Q. section for sample usage. Your second alternative is linking your "Tournament Results Page" via a link from your homepage. In case of a link from your homepage you will have a back to home button from your "Tournament Results Homepage".

  • A complete club web site

    A complete club web siteIf your club doesn't have a website yet, you may use's "clubs" pages as your homepage. Your address will be:

  • Support for dup and dlm formats

    Support for dup and dlm supports dup and dlm formats if you also wish to upload the hand records of your tournament.